Upcycle: Abigail Ahern Inspired Lighting

Abigail Ahern. Absolutely love her style. Check out her website here.

It was actually over a year or so ago I purchased this lovely book of hers. I love the richness and moodiness of her style.


She has some fabulous, quirky and creative lights and this one (pictured right) caught my attention. I like its simplicity, yet the defined lines and exposed structure around the soft glow of the light make it seem somewhat intricate. I actually forgot about it for some time until one day in thrift store I saw the perfect candidate (pictured below). The idea came straight back to me and this little project was born. I can be a little impatient when it comes to DIY so these kinds of project are my favourite. A couple of hours is all you need.


The two lamp shades in the top left were purchased for $2 each from a local thrift store. It was quite easy to remove the shade fabric although a bit of patience was needed for removing the hardened glue along the top and bottom rims. I found a paint scraping tool was best for removing it. I purchased the lamp base from K-Mart for $8.

I recommend using sand paper to lightly rough the surface in order to help the paint stick. I used a fuchsia/red spray paint for the lamp picture above and a glossy black for the one below. After some experimentation I find 25Watt bulbs or lower are best for ensuring the light doesn’t omit too much glare for the eye. The shadows that they cast on the wall are beautiful and almost quite geometrical.



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