Inspiration: Black Walls, Be Bold.

Lately I am in love with black walls. Many people are drawn to black when buying staple items for their wardrobe but would gasp at the suggestion of using it to paint their dining or bedroom walls! It certainly takes a bit of guts and vision, but when pulled together with the right lighting, furniture and fittings it can be simply stunning and absolutely striking. It is on my to do list. Here are some images that I find inspiring, and should you fall in love you can find more here.


 Image 1         Image 2         Image 3          Image 4        Image 5        Image 6

Earlier this year I actually had an interesting experience playing with bold paint colours and I discovered first hand the following myth;  – ‘Light paint colours are always best for small, dark rooms.’ 

I have a room in my house that is quite dark with limited natural light. The room was already painted this deep, quite bold and dark shade of pink.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.50.55 PM

I actually quite liked how the colour worked with my items in the room but my curiosity of imagining it a crisp white colour got the better of me. I was convinced that by painting it white the room would be immediately lifted. So one Sunday I set myself on a mission to paint the walls. I was quite excited as I had already painted two other rooms in the house my chosen shade of white and they looked fresh and bright.  Well, how wrong I was. I couldn’t believe how dull and cold the room suddenly felt. It was a key lesson in learning about colour selection as I began to scour paint sites and design blogs to read about clever use of colour.

That’s when I realized my misconception in thinking that light colours could brighten a dark room. Of course light paint colours do reflect more light and can expand the appearance of a space but this will not occur if the natural light is not already there. The lack of natural light in the room actually caused the white walls to look cold, sad, depressing and almost grey.  It was like the walls were closing in and the space now felt smaller. Nothing like the look that had been achieved in more well lit areas of my home.
So, much to the amusement of my Grandparents who were visiting from overseas at the time, I immediately painted the room back pink!…for now. I’m collecting my charcoal and black sample paint cards.

The pink actually makes the room feel cosy, warm and intimate. Far better than cold and grey! So sometimes it pays to be bold and go with colour. This site, Design Seeds is amazing for exploring colour palettes. A million possibilities!


One thought on “Inspiration: Black Walls, Be Bold.

  1. I wish you were here right now as we do our renovations. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions you keep sending our way 🙂

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