Upcycle: A Table of Memories

Visiting op shops or garage sales can be tiring, and at times, a disheartening task. You set off feeling super hopeful and convinced that you will find that one piece of unique treasure, or the ‘ultimate bargain’ that will make the early start and effort worth while. Reality however is that you do often leave empty handed, especially as people are becoming increasingly thrifty in more trying financial times and with DIY currently trending.

When visiting these places frequently you start to realize there are nearly always the same items that seem to be in abundance. You can always, for example, find plenty of chests of drawers, desks, dressing tables, stools and nests of tables to name a few. These items are usually always sitting undesired in their somewhat shabby, dated existence. Oh, and they are usually that lovely shade of mahogany! –  see below.

nest table

Obviously these items usually come from older peoples homes; – that’s a good thing! Why? Well the older generations often valued good quality furniture. They generally furnished their houses after ‘saving up’ and without a ‘throw away’ trend mentality that is quite prevalent today. Plus there simply wasn’t as much of the cheap mass-produced furniture available. These pieces are often very solid, sturdy and good quality.  It’s simply their colour scheme that may not suit your style or taste. This is where you need to think outside the box.

So here is where I went with one of those undesirable nests of tables;

memory table

What I love about this is that it is now unique and meaningful to me, as it showcases snaps of my overseas adventures. It also has great versatility though as photos can be changed regularly or you may choose to place a favourite print, piece of fabric or child’s latest artwork below the glass – I bet they’d feel pretty special! I hope this has inspired you to at least give a second glance to those pieces that at first glance you think only belong at Grandmas.

Disclaimer – Hold the paint brush! Occasionally you may very well be lucky enough to come across a genuine, valuable antique piece (look for stamps/lables/branding marks etc). If you do, you may consider researching its worth before slapping a coat of paint on it! 


4 thoughts on “Upcycle: A Table of Memories

  1. This reminds me of my grandmother’s table – we kids had a lot of fun looking at the memorabilia she had under the glass top.

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