Inspiration: Bold, Bright & Beautiful Bedding [Kip&Co]


Images from their beautiful website 

I have an addiction to new bedding! I love how it can transform a bedroom. It’s often the perfect way to add a pop of colour or personality to a neutral room. Perfect for renters. Thanks to Instagram I came across this beautiful bedding by Kip&Co. A boutique company started by 3 Melbourne girls. I am in love with their nature inspired prints. Bold, bright and beautiful.

Using a pattern in your bedding accompanied with neutrals is a great way of adding warmth and making your room a little more unique. For quite some time I stuck with quite neutral bedding alone which does look nice,  however once I started experimenting with patterns and prints I really discovered their power in taking a room to the another level. Now I am addicted.

Here is how I introduced patterns and prints to my bedroom. 


On the left the plain rug and neutral colours work together but feel a little bland. In the after picture you can see the introduction of a second layered zig zag rug, geometric print throw and lattice patterned cover cases working together to lift the room and give it a bit more personality whilst still remaining quite neutral. The beauty of using white as a base colour means I can change the colour of the patterns as often as I like…hence me lusting after Kip&Co bedding!


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