DIY: Coffee Table Tray & Styling

Inspiration Coffee Table Style

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Lately, on Pinterest, I have been lusting over beautifully styled coffee tables. In most lounge or living areas it’s generally a coffee table that takes centre place in the room. So, it seems reasonable and worthwhile to spend a little bit of time thinking about its presentation and making it a functional but stylish feature. I feel like my coffee table (below) has lacked a little personality for some time so this weekend my mission was to give it a little more life.


One common trait of almost every coffee table I have fallen in love with is that they look organized.  Despite some of them being quite busy with multiple layers they don’t look messy. Items flow and complement each other. I came across a lovely post about coffee table styling at Everygirl and I have combined their recommendations along with my own thoughts about what items  could be included when styling a table;

Natural elements; think shells, flowers, small pot plant to add colour and a feeling of freshness (choosing those that best suit the look you want to achieve coastal/glam etc)

Candles; Adds scent and ambiance

Books & Magazines; perfect for browsing, relaxing and offering inspiration

Decorative Pieces; items that will add colour, interest, spark conversation or refelct your personality. Consider items of various heights for visual impact.

Stylish Tray; to keep all of your selected pieces organized!

Having painted a chevron tray before for my hallway I decided I wanted to make another tray for my coffee table in order to add colour and help organize my other decorative items that I already had to work with. I knew I wanted something bold and bright and I wanted either a geometric or chevron type pattern in order to tie in with my patterned cushions. I thought about using a stencil to paint a pattern but then I remembered that I had some left over fabric from a chair project that I could use. So I decided converting a picture frame I already had into a tray was the perfect solution and also cost effective!

I already had the frame, material and paint so I only had to purchase the handles from a local hardware store. The next step was to apply an undercoat to help the gloss paint I wanted to use stick. I just used some left over paint that I already had. After this had dried I then applied my magenta gloss paint. Next I cut my material in order to cover the backboard of the frame. Then I put it in the frame as I would a photo. Finally I attached the handles and tada! 

DIY Tray

Then I got to play with the styling. Lots of fun and I am sure I will change it numerous times over the coming weeks as I play around with different arrangement but I think it has definitely given my coffee table a little lift.

Coffee Table


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