DIY: Teal Touched Table

teal inspiration

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Whether you want to call it teal, turquoise, peacock, emerald, seagrass or even bahaman bliss (I’m continuously fascinated by the names on paint chip cards and wonder how they come to get their names!) there is no denying that this colour has been trending for a while. I’m not surprised, it’s beautiful and it complements so many other colours; especially pink, bronze, grey and even bolder colours such as red and yellow, as seen below, work.

teal and colours

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After creating a pinterest board dedicated to this colour some time ago I decided I needed to finally act on using it on a piece. This week coffee tables have been on my mind, which is what reminded me of this one I had waiting to be brought to life in my garage.


I decided that I would paint the legs only, as the table has quite a beautiful shape and line which I thought would be accentuated by the contrast in colours, plus the grain in the table top is quite lovely. Such a simple and easy project, yet I feel like it has completely lifted and transformed this little table and given it a new lease of life.

DIY Teal Table

First I sanded the entire table and then painted the legs and underside with an undercoat. I had a light aqua paint left over which I used. I wanted to use an undercoat so I could get the complete impact of the boldness of the colour I had picked. I actually did two coats of the peacock green to achieve a darker finish. I then used a cloth to slightly smudge some of the colour around the side top of the table to make it appear a little rustic. I then sanded the paint on these sides back a little.  I haven’t sealed the top with a clear varnish yet as I like the raw finish but you could seal any piece you do with a clear varnish or sealant for a glossier finish or if you simply want to protect the piece.


5 thoughts on “DIY: Teal Touched Table

  1. Love love love!!! I’m also loving this colour at the moment, I have just purchased a throw rug and vase in “teal” and have found that pale pink, hot pink, beige, grey and yellow go well with it also!
    I love your table, well done 🙂

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