DIY: Black & Gold Inspired Platter Tray

This morning I was browsing black and gold décor on Pinterest. For the right space, I love this look. It’s luxurious, glamorous and elegant whilst also being bold and striking. I think this look is all about achieving the perfect balance. It’s important to remember that a little bit of gold goes a long way. Too much bling and it becomes cheap and tacky.

Black & Gold

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With black and gold on my mind I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I saw this gold platter plate for $1.00 as I walked past my local thrift store this morning. I was excited about it being the right shade of gold. It’s hard to get its true colour in the photo but it’s more of a dull gold as opposed to the tacky yellow looking gold. 


For those that have read other posts you will know I quite like geometric type, bold patterns. I love contrast. I decided to go with an unstructured random pattern for this platter. Firstly I washed it thoroughly and once dry I began sticking clear tape in random lines. I tried to spread them around but I wasn’t too careful as I wanted the result to be unstructured.

After I finished taping I sprayed with a black gloss paint and left to dry. I then applied a second coat. After this had dried I carefully removed the sticky tape pieces. There was a slight amount of bleeding under the tape so I used a cotton bud tip dipped in nail polish remover to carefully wipe these bits off.

Plate Process

I am quite happy with the result, and for now my little touch of black and gold lives on my mirrored dresser.

Black & Gold Platter


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