Inspiration: Scandi & Nordic Style Crush

Do you stick to one defined style for your home? Do you merge multiple styles? One problem faced when you are fascinated obsessed with interior decoration and design is that you really can love and appreciate so many different styles. The possibilities and options are endless. Minimalism, industrial, modern, vintage, luxe, eclectic – they all offer something special for the right space and environment. Some mix, some don’t. With care you can create your own unique, perfect blend.

Sometimes I will crush over a certain look for a brief moment but then there are certain styles that just always makes me go ‘ooooo and ahhhhh!’ This is how I feel about the Nordic/Scandinavian style. It makes me feel relaxed and calm; it’s one of my absolute faves and I love that it lends itself easily to repurposed or upcycled pieces. I have handpicked some pics for your lusting. If you crave more you will find some links to some lovely blogs at the end of the post.

Nordic 3

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Geographically speaking Scandinavia includes Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Nordic generally includes Iceland and Greenland but the terms often seem to be used interchangeably in regards to interiors. The concept of Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950’s with a movement towards simplistic, clean lines with minimalistic designs and functionality. It was born from the belief that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be available to all, not just the wealthy. Therefore items were simple and geared to lend themselves to mass production, hence the birth of IKEA. How I love roaming that store! If you would like to read a little more detail about the history of Scandinavian design I quite liked this post on The Urban Pig. I quite like how many people seem to mix this style with a bit of rustic industrial or eclectic vintage. Over at Freshome you can read about the top 10 tips for creating a Scandinavian interior.

nordic last[images via  1.  2. ]

Nordic 4

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Nordic 2

[images via  1.  2.  3.]

Some people only identify with one style that they like. I find that different moments and stages of life bring different moods and as a result there really are countless styles of spaces in which I could very happily live and make a home. This is one reason I love white and neutral tones for a base because you can easily change the feel and mix up the style frequently with accessories etc. Imagine if changing your home’s style and decor completely was as easy as changing the wallpaper on your phone! Ah sigh.

Back in reality, most of us are restricted somewhat by the space, time and budget we have. Generally I’d say it is best to decide on the overall feel and style that you like, consider what will suit your environment and lifestyle and then personalise. I am a big believer of a home needing personal touches. Personal touches add interest, warmth and prevent it looking like you have copied a magazine spread or IKEA catalogue to a t.

Here are some Scandi/Nordic style blogs and websites I have been browsing – definitely worth checking out if you are into this look. Enjoy.

My Scandinavian Home

Story North

An Urban Village

Jelanie Blog

the style files

Nordic Bliss

from Scandinavia with love

Nordic Design


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Scandi & Nordic Style Crush

  1. I grew up in Sweden so am somewhat biased but I love the whole Scandinavian aesthetic and have tried to replicate it in my own home. Rather unusually for the UK we have no carpets, only sanded wooden floors, teamed with white walls and grey and blue as accent colours. I love the pictures in this post!

    • Your home sounds lovely! The scandi and nordic looks are definitely one of my faves. They seem to have mastered the balance between clean lines but also being cosy/warm and not sterile! Thanks for checking out the post and your lovely comment xx

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