Little Ideas: Spruce up old chairs

Hi all! Recently I have been visiting my family. They are in the middle of renovations and I have had lots of fun helping them to pick colours and key pieces to style their new rooms. They have visitors arriving from overseas soon and more chairs were needed for an outdoor entertaining area. My Mum found these chairs at the tip when dropping off rubbish and knew I’d do something to spruce them up.

chairs before Here’s what happened…



chair table


This little idea has given some new life to these tired old chairs, and I know my Mum’s happy!


3 thoughts on “Little Ideas: Spruce up old chairs

  1. Thank you! Yes I love my new chairs. We had such a wonderful time looking at bedding, curtains, blinds, cushions and oh the colours – you got it just right! The new rooms are going to look wonderful. The new floor arrives later this week and I can’t wait until I can put everything together 🙂 The rest of the house awaits your next creative ideas 🙂

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