Repurpose; Old door, New life!

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Thanks to up-cycling and repurposing trending right now a quick Pinterest search will unearth hundreds of ways to repurpose old doors. I love exploring people’s creative thinking, there are some clever people out there and a few of my favourite repurposed projects are shown above. Fortunately old doors are generally in abundance at recycle or recovery yards and you can usually pick them up quite cheaply.

This picture is my absolute favourite and, I think, pure genius.

Old door becomes desk


I came across the two doors that I purchased by accident about a year ago. I was dropping some things off at the rubbish tip and saw two old sauna doors leaning against the fence. I was so excited about the narrowness as I knew I wanted something to lean against a wall, as at this stage I was still living in a rental. As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to allow the bottom to become a magazine rack and turn the top half into a memo board.

I had to remove the brackets and hinges from the side and bottom of the door and then I gave it a light sanding all over before giving it a good wash down. I was tempted to paint the whole door a colour first but after sanding I decided I quite liked the natural wood look. Chalkboard paint was the obvious choice for the memo board and then I found a beautiful vintage look hook  to affix to the top right hand side. This is useful for hanging a piece of chalk on string or keys. I was so happy with the result and these two have lived very happily in my home for the past year. I completed this project a while ago before I had my blog so unfortunately I don’t have the before picture but I am sure it is easy enough to imagine. I wanted to share it with you all as it’s an item that many visitors I have comment on. I hope you like the end result and if you are inspired good luck finding the perfect door to customise, happy hunting!

Suzik Blog Repurpose Door


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    • Thank you MasonBentley! I’m sorry I’m only just noticing your comment now, I had a few comments incorrectly put in my spam folder. Cheers for the lovely comment and checking out the post xxx

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