Little Ideas: Revive Snail Mail

Snail Mail Suzik

Snail Mail; Letters, cards, notes and brown paper packages tied up with string…undoubtedly some of my favourite things!

I have always loved the excitement of finding something unexpected in the post box. I have a very special friend over in the UK who, on numerous occasions, surprises me with the most delightful and thoughtful packages – each time they completely make my day! I will also never forgot the time a friend made me a birthday card on which she had created the most incredibly detailed multicoloured collage from various types of paper and then spelt out my name in tiny sequins. It looked amazing and I will never forget how it made me feel. I still have it to this day.

In my opinion there are few things that say I love you, I care about you or I’m thinking of you more than a personalized, handwritten note. I love checking the mail each evening, especially since most of my bills now seemed to be delivered by email, I feel like the post box is reserved for only nice things!

Life is busy, time is precious, and emails and texts are instant, easy and very useful. They don’t require planning ahead and they are excellent for updating lots of people on travel adventures easily for example, but there is just something special about the old fashioned medium of the handwritten note. Never underestimate the power of words & pretty stationery! It can be so uplifting.

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Love letter

Snail mail says;

I thought about you.

I took the time to stop, sit down and act on that thought.

I made time to visit a Post Office, buy a stamp and then send it on its merry way!

Quite an effort when you consider you can send an e-mail in a matter of seconds.

As I love receiving snail mail I also enjoy the process of sending it equally so. I suppose I hope that it will make the person I’m sending it to feel as special as I know I would and it’s true that in general the joy of giving feels great. I also enjoy the creative process of making personalized cards and as a result my office desk is overrun with crafty stationary items and I have no restraint when it comes to stores like Typo and Kiki K. I love alphabet stamps. I tend to go through stages and I realized it has been too long since I have sent a handwritten letter so this week I am making it a priority!

card making suzik

 nice to get real mail

 If you have children you may like to check out these beautiful Kids Lunch Mail cards by Live Inspired for posting in their lunch box. I met a Mum that was using these to help give her child, who was lacking self esteem and confidence at the time, a lift during the school day. I think they are simply delightful and you could easily make your own.

[images via Live Inspired]

Kids Lunch Mail

They also make these beautiful note cards.

Inspire Cards

I hope you feel inspired to send some snail mail love.


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Whilst not directly related to my post, I want to share Frank Warren’s website, Post Secret, for those of you that haven’t come across it before. I discovered his website about 5 years ago and I have since enjoyed browsing it every now and then. ‘Post Secret is an ongoing community mail art project created by Warren in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard.’ Sometimes they can be quite haunting, sometimes they inspire me, sometimes they make me feel so grateful, sometimes they make me feel happy or mad but it is an incredible insight into the complexities of life and being human. Check it out here.


7 thoughts on “Little Ideas: Revive Snail Mail

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  4. This is a lovely post and it brought back a childhood memory of going to the mailbox to see if, after saving S & H Green Stamps for two years, my prize had arrived. As a child, I often sent in my quarter to some company to purchase a tiny box of fabric scraps or trim to make doll clothes. It was so magical to go to the mailbox and find a package addressed to me. My Great-Aunt Hortense used to mail me a card with a new handkerchief in it or an Advent calendar. So much fun! I would love to see snail mail revived.

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