Cafe Love & Creative Flooring

Hi all in the blogging world. It may only be a matter of weeks but it feels like forever since I have posted. I have been away on holiday and then incredibly busy at work on return – but my mind has been mentally writing posts as I seem to be constantly inspired by surroundings and the beautiful people in my life.  A problem I have is that I like to do so many things, and have so many different interests, but feel there is so little time.  I am making it a priority to take time out to switch off though and lately I have enjoyed relaxing in beautiful cafes with a coffee and magazine the perfect solution.


And my magazine of choice that I can not get enough of at the moment;


Fresh, raw, edgy, empowering, current and unique. Real people, inspirational stories and adventure dominates the pages rather than superficial articles and advertisements. Lisa Messenger and her team are so in touch with their readers. Check out the website here. 

Also a lovely friend recently gave me the most adorable present – The Scribble Diary by Lisa Currie.  I had never seen it before but Frankie Magazine describes it as a ‘diary based on doodling not words’ and I couldn’t agree more. It offers thought provoking and creative prompts for you to scribble on and perfect for pondering thoughts over a cup of coffee.  I love it! Such a perfect gift for for someone that forever has thoughts racing through their head – she knows me well.

Scribble Diary

I’m lucky to have some gorgeous cafes within walking distance to my house. And, whilst sipping on my coffee lately it dawned on me that, increasingly, cafes are becoming so much more than a bland, generic simple space in which you can purchase food and beverages. They seem to becoming far more individualised – known for something such as the quirky seating, eclectic furniture, unique glassware, or trendy and daring statement decor. It is evident there is so much thought and attention to detail that has gone into creating the vibe, ambience and style – right down to the selection of the salt and pepper shakers.  I love it. I find my cafe experience is becoming just as much about the aesthetic experience – taking in the creative ideas and soaking up the decor choices as it is about the coffee!…and the standard seems to get higher and higher with each new establishment that pops up. I know it’s nothing new that every business needs a point of difference but I think people are now thinking so much more outside the box in order to find that point of difference. I believe the internet and the way that it has made the world such a smaller place in terms of sharing ideas is to be thanked for the increase in creativity. Many people, many ideas bouncing back and forth and inspiring creative thoughts.

I love this coat/bag hook space created in a favourite local Cafe, Percy & Percy. Such a simple yet effective and cheery idea.

Percy & Percy

It all got me thinking about if I had a cafe what would I like to take risks, and play with in terms of interiors and I decided one thing, amongst others, would be creative flooring! Something that I am not sure if I would be brave enough to do in my own house yet..

As I began my search of inspiration I became very excited at what I found so wanted to share these pics with you – food for thought. I know I will have a go at creative flooring in some space, somewhere, someday! Enjoy. x

Playing with paint & stencils!

Flooring 2

1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6. 

Flooring 1

1.  2.   3.   4.


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