An afternoon down Hosier Lane

Whether you detest, love or are rather indifferent to street art I highly recommend a stroll down Hosier Lane or any other of the Melbourne lane ways that are peppered with the ever changing vivid lashings of peoples most inner thoughts. Some are disturbing, some thought provoking and some really quite beautiful. The 23 metre high portrait of an Indigenous child by Adnate is incredible and a personal favourite but I loved the contrast of admiring that and then watching a boy that could have been no more than 15 getting lost in his artwork –  although his piece didn’t personally appeal it is always nice seeing someone so determined, at ease and engaged in their passion. The lane was scattered with people from all over the world, conversing in an array of languages and it reminded me of the power of image – expressions readable to all, whatever cultural contexts you bring. I love that we live in an every increasingly visual world.

(All images my own) 




IMG_3047 IMG_3043 IMG_3054

 IMG_3050 IMG_3049

You can find a list of Melbourne Street Art Lane Ways here

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