Little Ideas: Revive Snail Mail

Snail Mail Suzik

Snail Mail; Letters, cards, notes and brown paper packages tied up with string…undoubtedly some of my favourite things!

I have always loved the excitement of finding something unexpected in the post box. I have a very special friend over in the UK who, on numerous occasions, surprises me with the most delightful and thoughtful packages – each time they completely make my day! I will also never forgot the time a friend made me a birthday card on which she had created the most incredibly detailed multicoloured collage from various types of paper and then spelt out my name in tiny sequins. It looked amazing and I will never forget how it made me feel. I still have it to this day. Continue reading


Little Ideas: Spruce up old chairs

Hi all! Recently I have been visiting my family. They are in the middle of renovations and I have had lots of fun helping them to pick colours and key pieces to style their new rooms. They have visitors arriving from overseas soon and more chairs were needed for an outdoor entertaining area. My Mum found these chairs at the tip when dropping off rubbish and knew I’d do something to spruce them up.

chairs before Here’s what happened… Continue reading

Little Ideas: Mini Canvas Art

This is my first post in a category I will refer to as ‘Little Ideas.’ Nothing fancy or complicated just small things that I’ve thought of, had a go at, and created. Maybe they will trigger a little idea or creative spark in you, because sometimes I’ve found from my own experiences, it’s the little things that do.

Materials: Left over peacock green paint from my coffee table project, white spray paint, a small canvas, 15mins…. and a little piece of art is the result! You really could put anything meaningful to you inside the doily shape. I think 3 of these in a row/column would look cute in a nursery or child’s bedroom. Continue reading