i travel


One of my most favourite things to do is go somewhere that I have never been before. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny town 45 mins down the road, a newfound quirky coffee shop or a whole new state or country. I jump at opportunities to visit new places and meet new people. I love the possibilities and inspiration that comes from going somewhere unknown and new and from listening to the stories or experiences of others. You just never know what will be around the corner. I always take something, no matter how small, from each place I visit and each person I meet. I’ve been lucky to travel to, and visit, a few places so far. Being born in Northern Ireland, growing up in England, moving to Australia in time for my teens and then living in 3 different states here, it’s fair to say I’ve become quite familiar with exploring new places! Moving can be a challenging experience and starting over is hard, no doubt about it, but I’m so thankful for the diverse experiences I have had and perhaps it’s because of this that I am so inspired by going somewhere new.

A selection of some of my favourite Europe snaps – Barcelona was one of my favourite places. 

Low Res Europe

A snippet of the USA – New York surpassed all my expectations. I love it. 

Low Res Us trip

A taste of Thailand – the smiliest and happiest locals I have ever met! 

low res taste of thailand

Beautiful Australia – I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful country! 

Beauty ausralia

These are  some of the places on my travel to do list!

1. Croatia  2. Greek Islands  3. Sweden  4. Africa – Safari  5. Switzerland  6. Canada  7. Mexico  


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