Upcycle: Giving chairs a new lease of life

The more thrift stores and tip sites I visit it is confirmed to me that there are an abundance of lonely, forgotten chairs just waiting for a new lease of life out there. I could simply keep myself busy revamping chairs alone.I came across this one abandoned on the streets of New York on holiday earlier this year! If only I could have fit it in my suitcase.


Each time I see a chair I find myself thinking about it’s story, it’s possibilities and it’s ideal use; perhaps in a nursery, hallway, bedroom corner or home office. Another bonus is a chair can be a relatively simple and easy project and there is plenty of inspiration available such as these below. Continue reading


Upcycle: Chevron Tray

I love browsing opportunity shops, thrift stores and of course the tip. When entering such places my mind immediately goes into overdrive imagining all of the possibilities for bringing items back to life or with ideas for repurposing. I rarely look at an item for what it is but rather what it can be. One of the most exciting things is that a new project can be born more often than not with change from $20! Usually my finds take inspiration from the luxury items I crave but can’t necessarily justify.

Inpiration: $69.95 www.downthatlittlelane.com.au


This pine wooden tray was a bargain at $2.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a before photo, jumped in too quick! First I sprayed the whole tray white with gloss paint. Once it had dried I added my masking tape in a chevron style pattern before spraying gloss black. Nice & easy!


Now this tray happily lives in my hallway. I think total cost came in at about $10.